HPC for aeronautics and aerospace

A strategic issue

The impact of digital transformation and computing requirements can be seen at every level of the industry, from the civilian to the military. From passenger transport to aircraft production and maintenance, from aircraft design to in-flight passenger experience, from ATM (Air Traffic Management) to satellite traffic, HPC and AI are at the heart of the aeronautical industry. 

High-density data centers for the aeronautics industry must respond effectively to the industry’s challenges. As a competitive industrial hub, it is essential to ensure a flawless infrastructure to guarantee flight and passenger safety. 

HPC for aeronautics
HPC for aeronautics


High-performance computing is a strategic business. It is a decisive factor in the simulation-based design needed for innovation. On the other hand, it is also fundamental to aircraft design calculations. HPC results are an integral part of differentiation and success. 

Today’s HPC applications must adapt to take full advantage of the power of increasingly diverse high-performance computing. To achieve this, we need to adapt both the software infrastructure to better manage the various types of resources, and the applications to enable these resources to be deployed efficiently. This new paradigm calls for fine-tuned management of data localization. Proper localization reduces data access time. It also reduces transfer costs between the various processors that share them.

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