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How Hydria came about

The Hydria project is the result of design and engineering work conducted over more than five years under the leadership of Charles Huot, Chairman of Hydria, and Jean-Dominique Bloch, Vice-Chairman in charge of strategy and legal affairs. This work was carried out in conjunction with the world’s leading manufacturers of data centres dedicated to high-performance computing, including HPE and ATOS Hydria is a new solution on the market dedicated to hosting high-density IT equipment.

About US

Hydria was launched in 2020, with the aim of conquering North America with its innovative concept:

  • offer a hyperspecialised product specifically adapted to high density and supercomputing
  • provide an innovative, optimized storage solution in a region that is conducive to the development of small and medium-sized data centers (5 to 20 MW).
  • respond to a more demanding and reactive market, requiring the rapid creation of high-density storage centers
  • provide an industrial approach based on a simple, cost-effective design that can be easily replicated
  • develop a carbon-neutral approach


About us hydria
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Hydria is the first U.S.-based company to design, deploy and operate high-density containerized data center facilities using free-cooling technologies. These facilities rely on decarbonized energy, aiming for zero greenhouse gas emissions.

strategic vision

Our datas centers

A strategic vision
tailored to your challenges and needs

Hydria was founded on a conviction. Our technology enables us to meet our customers’ exponential energy demands responsibly and sustainably, while minimizing the carbon footprint generated.

Hydria is a solution encompassing all the strategic issues encountered on the market today:
democratization of uses linked to high-performance computing and artificial intelligence
increased data volume and storage requirements
widespread use of supercomputing
climate issues and the desire to find greener solutions that protect the environment
limited storage space and need for flexibility

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Hydria provides you with a dedicated,
flexible and tailor-made solution:


Benefit from infrastructure expertise tailored to your needs


Join hydria to accelerate the growth of your digitalization

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Meet your zero-carbon agenda


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Our data centers

Hydria has pre-selected around ten sites across North America, in Texas, New-York, California, Maryland, Illinois, Alberta and Quebec areas. Our first modular data centers expected to open by the end of 2024. By 2030, Hydria intends to have a dozen operational hosting centers in North America.

l ecosystème hydria

Hydria ecosystem

We draw our strengh from our expert team in high density data center, AI and HPC. We rely on an influential network of partners dedicated to HPC democratisation. We are committed to accelerating digitalization without forgetting the sustainable development challenges of today and tomorrow. This is the Hydria ecosystem.

Our team

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Our values

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Les partenaires

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If you have a project and would like to discuss it, please contact us.